The Hungry Dutchman: Downtown Slices


By Guss Firestein

Are you looking for some good pizza deals? Well, look no further than Downtown Slices. Downtown Slices is a new pizza place that just opened on Erie Boulevard, a little less than a mile from campus next to Bangkok Bistro. For those students that know Erie Boulevard, the new restaurant is in the location where Quiznos used to be, right past the State Street and Erie Boulevard intersection. The outside of the establishment is decorated with all sorts of signs including a big “Downtown Slices” sign that ornaments the building right over the entrance.

The inside is super nice with flat screen televisions and lots of seating. The owners are very Union College-friendly and offer a variety of discounts to students and free delivery starting in October. Some deals include weekend football specials of: 12-cut cheese pizza, 12 wings, and two-liter bottles of soda all for $19.99. They also offer 24-cut Sicilian cheese pizza, 24 wings, and two two-liter bottles of soda for $29.99. The best thing is that they have different deals every day; for people who seek inexpensive dining and want a lot of food for not a lot of green, this is your spot.

I have not yet tried a ton of the food on their menu, but I have tried a couple of their slices. I like their pizza; the crust is nice and crisp instead of doughy like at some other places. Their vegetable pizza is wicked delicious; not only was I feeling like I was eating a little healthier, but it also hit the spot. It had a ton of flavor, so I didn’t feel like my carnivorous tendencies were really suffering by going with only the veggies.

People definitely need to try their buffalo chicken pizza too. It is just an all time favorite that will always hit the spot. If you’re a big garlic fan—like myself—you should try their white pizza with tomatoes and garlic…so friggin’ good.

From the few times that I have been, I was surprised to find that they mix up the daily pizza selection so you don’t have to worry about seeing the same things every time you go in. By doing this, they keep the customers’ taste buds excited with a range of flavors. They also do it up West Coast style, offering a variety of pizza crust toppings for just an extra 99 cents. Toppings range from garlic flakes to sour cream and add a little something special to your favorite pizza. Another plus is that they will start serving beer within the next couple weeks, so the classic equation of football + pizza + beer = good time will thrive at this new local eatery.

You can contact them at 518-346-1891 or go to to view their menu and see specials. Text “Hungry” to 88500 to get information on specials and deals on food around Union!


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