The Hungry Dutchman: Battle Mexicano


By Guss Firestein

It seems recently that Schenectady has become a hotspot for Mexican food. With Hot Harry’s and Bombers, it is often difficult to decide where to go…especially now with Chipotle thrown into the mix (even though it is a bit farther away).

With all these places, and more coming, it is often difficult to decide where to get your next burrito.

It is hard to turn your back to the fact that Bombers was started by a Union College alumni, but it is also important to satisfy your hunger. I really like Bombers, but the bar is way more impressive than the food. The only food I really like at Bombers are the pulled-pork sandwiches; the burritos are lacking. With a place called a “burrito bar,” you would think that they would have outrageous burritos, but they really are nothing to write home about.” The guacamole does not to taste fresh, and the ingredients have very little flavor.

Hot Harry’s actually isn’t too bad. I consider their burritos to be better than at Bombers, offering better meat and salsa choices. They also offer a better variety of burritos. The last time I was there, I grabbed a “super burrito;” it was very filling and flavorful. While this establishment might not be as well-decorated and the vibe might not be as ‘chill’ or impressive as Bombers, let’s get real here; it is the food that really matters.

Many of my friends choose this establishment over Bombers, always wishing that Bombers would just step up their game and produce some quality burritos.

The real favorite among college students, when you are ready for a drive, is Chipotle.

I myself favor Chipotle over the other places. Offering a variety of burritos and meats that actually have great flavor, and preparing the burritos right in front of you really makes all the difference. As Chipotle gets its meats from local farms, you can go to their website to see where the meat you are eating is coming from; this is really great marketing and great for local economies. My favorite aspect of Chipotle, even though it is a bit expensive, is that the guacamole is actually fresh. If you are a guacamole lover like I am, the packaged guacamole just does not compare to the fresh stuff.

I feel terrible favoring the chain over the local establishments, but I feel it is their own fault for not looking at why Chipotle is successful and replicating or building onto these aspects.

All in all, I implore you always to support our local businesses but I also feel it is my responsibility to let you know what’s in the best interest of the Dutchmen and their stomachs.

I am excited to test out the new Mexican spot opening up (might be after I graduate, but I hope not) called Mexican Radio. Forget Little Italy, there should be a Little Mexico in Schenectady with all the Mexican joints sprouting up. Hasta la vista.


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