Sophomore Sentiments


By Gabe Sturges

The school calendar coldly displays a date that’s hard to believe: the start of week six. By this point, for all students, schedules are finally starting to develop.  Whether they include academics, athletics, or something in-between, late nights and frenetically paced lifestyles can wreak havoc on a most personal of schedules—that of our bowels.  Even when you absolutely, positively have to go, no matter where you are, ambiance still holds great merit.

I scoured our gorgeous campus for only the best lavatories available; all located at different sides of campus, to assure that you are never left without.  When developing criteria for a top toilet, three aspects came to mind.

The ethereal triad in this case are cleanliness, solitude, and, of course, ample space and leg room.  After all, no one wants to be the initiator of an unwanted and unwarranted encounter.

1. Taking top honors is undoubtedly the lavatory facilities located in the Nott.  With an appealing walk to the restroom surrounded by the memorial’s artwork, the bathroom itself doesn’t disappoint, containing well-maintained facilities and what’s even more impressive, real two-ply toilet paper.

2. Away from the constant drone of noise in Reamer, one can blissfully escape the congestion and answer nature in peace. Four floors up from the main social center is a very nice set of bathrooms, which are infrequently trafficked. Plus, you get a nice view of Jackson’s Gardens.

3. Last but not least is the restroom on the second floor of the arts building.  Yes, I fully agree, it is tricky to find at first, but your labors will be greatly rewarded.  The journey involves an interesting pass through some very unique and creative visual arts projects, as well as a uniquely designed bathroom.

So there you have it, after searching high and low for the best place “to go,” my search has (rear-)ended in these three locations.


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