Rioult Dance Company performance brings modern dance to a new level


By Rachel Steiner

Rioult Dance Company performed at The Egg in Albany this past Friday.

The creator of the performance, Pascal Rioult, explained his inspirations for the show in a lecture/demonstration on the Thursday prior to the performance.

He choreographed the show to the beautiful music of Bach. In the show titled Views of the Fleeting World, Rioult replicated the tranquility of Japanese woodblock prints. Bach’s “Art of the Fugue” complimented the serenity of the music, awing the audience by the striking choreography of the performance. Rioult believed that the Japanese prints were usually scenes involving nature, which caused him to see a connection in terms of Bach’s music.

Rioult choreographed the show with the idea of creating a simple yet passionate performance.

In the very beginning of the show, the dancers stand in position and suddenly break into different movements one by one. This opening choreography reveals Rioult’s fascination with contracting and giving in to gravity as a whole.

The movements went perfectly with the heaviness of Bach’s music. Some of the dances performed in Views of the Fleeting World were given titles such as “Rain,” “Gathering Storm,” and “Dusk.”

Eight dancers, both men and women dressed in long red skirts, performed “Gathering Storm.” As the dancers twirled and filled up the stage, the skirts opened and moved like fans.

This was another one of Rioult’s brilliant talents of using costumes to enhance the beauty of the pieces.

“Rain” was my personal favorite, involving just one dancer dressed in a loose fitted top with a silky, silver material. With the help of her costume, the movements made her look like a bird and truly complimented the serenity of the dance.

Two dancers whose chemistry created an emotional and passionate tone performed the dance titled “Dusk.” They entered the stage in costumes and with their flowing movements looked like figures blowing in the wind.

Rioult Dance Company performed a moving performance at The Egg that truly emphasized Pascal Rioult’s ability to establish simplicity with little to no shortage of passion.

This company has clearly taken modern dance to a whole new level.


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