Passion Pit concert rocks the campus


By Cosette Shachnow

On Wednesday, Oct. 27, the popular band Passion Pit played for the student body in the Field House. The band was brought to Union by the campus Concert Committee, joining past performers like Kid Cudi and Jason Mraz. The group offered an alternative type of music for students interested in a more electronic sound.

Students anxiously awaited the immensely popular electronic/ punk band Passion Pit, and Passion Pit was equally excited about coming to Union. They particularly looked forward to playing an assortment of songs for energetic and youthful students. They also expressed an overall interest in Union in general in the pre-concert interview.

Jeff Apruzzese from Passion Pit laughed when he was told about Union’s seven traditions. “I would do the campus crawl,” Apruzzese said. “Then, I’d probably be so drunk I’d take off all my clothes and do the Naked Nott.”[pullquote]

“Then, I’d probably be so drunk I’d take off all my clothes and do the Naked Nott.”

Jeff Apruzzese, Passion Pit


In the pre-concert interview, Apruzzese wouldn’t disclose all the information about their performance, but he did reveal that they were particularly looking forward to playing “Little Secrets.” The band did play the full repertoire, although if they only could have performed one song, they joked about how they would have repeatedly played “Live to Tell the Tale.”

The band is a part of the Campus Consciousness tour, meaning that on-campus student groups were able to table about their events. The two groups that participated in the so-called “Eco Village” were Habitat for Humanity and Environmental Club. Members of Environmental Club also sat at a Ben and Jerry’s table to educate about sustainable practices.

Apruzzese gave honest advice about preparing for the show. “Getting really inebriated and forgetting all you have to do. Have fun, get weird, and get crazy.”

What is the stupidest thing he’s ever done before a concert?In St. Louis, he and his friend had an eating contest. They went to Chipotle and ate too many burritos before going on stage. He reassured me that he learned his lesson. 

His ideal performance conditions?He likes performing outside, around 7:00 p.m., usually with a Ferris wheel or an entire amusement park in the background. Unfortunately, he did not have his amusement park at Union.

And if he were a Union College student, he would…? Join a frat and play Frisbee on the quad. Watch out, AEPi.


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