Major Choices: An interview with first-year engineer Adam Herzog


By Sarah Bradner

Why did you choose engineering as your major?

I understand math and science and engineers have a high job opportunity, and those are the subjects that interest me.


What field of engineering are you thinking about going into?

I am thinking about mechanical or electrical engineering.


Why was Union College a good choice for being an engineer major?

I believe that Union has a good reputation for engineering as well as other majors.


What is your impression thus far about your professors and classes in the engineering field at Union?

Thus far (only through Intro to Engineering), I can tell that engineering is a field that interests me and there are a lot of interesting classes I will be taking in the near future. I have only met a couple of the professors in the field, but they are great and I look forward to getting to know more.


Have you thought about studying abroad. If so, where?

Union has a lot of study abroad opportunities so I have thought about studying abroad but have not looked into where yet.


How do you see the future in the field of engineering?

The future in engineering is very promising especially with all the advances in technology, which is why it is so appealing to me.


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