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By Letter to the Editor

My words will be simple and few:

Abigail Cable’s claims regarding the LGBTQ community at Union in a previous article were without a doubt unfounded and ridiculous. Last week our Student Forum President, Andrew Churchill, eloquently addressed the blatant shortcomings in her statements. Having become infuriated and dumbfounded many a time after reading some of her work published previously in the Concordiensis, I never thought I would ever be defending this particular alumnus.

I must repeat that Cable’s article was indeed—as Churchill stated—“ignorant” and “inflammatory” and deserved to be critically addressed. However, Churchill’s call to selectively publish articles based upon their perceived social merit is perhaps even more short-sighted than Cable’s unfortunate views. Merely silencing ignorance does not address the problem and is by no means a solution.

Churchill confuses freedom of the press and legitimization when he states, “Just because somebody says something does not make it news.” Just because somebody says something does not mean it is true. As individuals at an institution of higher education, we have the responsibility to determine the legitimacy of views we are presented with and to educate ourselves. Moreover, barring an individual’s right to express his or her opinions, however misguided they may be, does not eliminate the real issue at hand.

To end, I sincerely hope that the Concordiensis staff will continue to publish articles from a spectrum of views, for it is only with dialogue and openness that we can together overcome the ignorance demonstrated by Cable’s piece.

Keerti Murari ’11, President of Campus Action


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