Letter to the Editor


By Taylor Connolly

I hope everyone is adjusting to the cold weather better than I am and that week seven isn’t causing you to make a fort in the library just yet. Being a student (and senior!) I know how overwhelming this time of the year gets, and it seems as if you cannot think of anything else than working on your thesis or studying for that big exam.

However, it’s time for all of us to come up for some air and realize that, once again, it is the peak of midterm election season. I know, it may not be at the top of your list of priorities, but understand that this election is especially important, as many of the states that large numbers of Union students come from are experiencing hostile campaigns and are making news nation wide.

Take the New York gubernatorial race, for example. With seven candidates running for the position, the spotlight has been on Democrat Andrew Cuomo and Republican Carl Paladino. While the public wants to know more about Cuomo’s proposed ethics reform in Albany, Palladino has been under fire for recent bigoted remarks made towards the gay community. Also  campaigning for the seat is former prostitution madam Kristin Davis (enough said). Students from New York, have you decided who is most capable?

Just next to New York is Connecticut and the microscope on the campaign to replace Senator Chris Dodd. Democrat Richard Blumenthal has been accused of fabricating military experience in Vietnam and Republican Linda McMahon has been attacked for controversial plot lines using women in the WWE.

With these elections fast approaching, I urge every student to take some time out of his or her busy schedule and read about candidates and their platforms; these politicians will soon make decisions affecting your state and you individually.

Simply absent-mindedly watching political ads that attack each candidate or watching the Daily Show half-asleep is not responsible.

So make sure you receive your absentee ballot, and no matter who you ultimately decide to fill in the circle for, I implore you to make an informed decision. This election cycle is unlike any other we have been able to vote in, and it will serve you well to educate yourself on issues that may directly affect your future.

Taylor Connolly ’11, Opinions Editor


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