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By Letter to the Editor

In the spirit of journalistic objectivity, we were graced last week with an inflammatory, ignorant, and equally concerning article from Abigail Cable ‘10, an alumnus of five months. In her article, Abigail, in a woefully irresponsible manner, makes sophomoric claims about Union’s LGBTQ community that amount to little more than retrospective banter based solely in her limited experience here on campus.

When Abigail claims that, “Union doesn’t have any trans-gendered students,” I am perplexed. I question how Abigail could even know this information about every student on campus, but since she apparently wields this incredible ability, I am so sorry that she has left us. Her educated opinion will surely be missed.

So, more importantly than attacking Abigail’s ridiculous allegations, we must realize that her claims do more to silence individuals on campus than simply exhibit her prejudices. Abigail has no business claiming that there are no trans-gendered students on campus and her words reverberate into other areas of consciousness in our campus community.

Finally, Abigail’s words do not only serve to silence individuals on campus, they obscure the meaningful conversation concerning sexual identity that we should engage in as a community of individuals moving towards an environment of greater understanding. In order to keep Union a place where students are made to feel welcome regardless of sexual identity, we must move past Abigail’s narrow-mindedness.

In the future, I hope that we think more before publishing letters to the editor that make such ridiculous claims. Abigail’s viewpoint is her own, and everyone should respect that upon the lines of free speech. Yet, we as a community can choose to not legitimize voices that serve to subjugate others. Just because somebody says something does not make it news.

Andrew Churchill ’11, Student Forum President


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