Green Expo educates student body on campus sustainability


By Tess Koman


On Monday, Oct. 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the on-campus sustainability groups participated in the first annual Green Expo.Held in Reamer Pit, the Expo was organized to raise awareness about Union College’s environmental groups and to promote their activities on campus.

The event was organized by the Education and Outreach Subcommittee of U Sustain, chaired by Shabana Hoosein ‘11, and Professor Matt Manon of the Geology department.

Composed of approximately 40 students, faculty, and staff, U Sustain serves as Union’s on-campus sustainability group and is charged with instituting environmentally friendly initiatives on campus. In addition to the Education and Outreach Subcommittee, the Transportation, Waste, and Energy Subcommittees advertised at the Expo.

Other student-run organizations participated in the Expo. The Environmental Club advertised various events including their upcoming Story of Stuff speaker and their recently successful 10/10/10 campaign.

A new group, the Schenectady Student Environmental Coalition, offered sign-ups. Union College Campus Kitchens, Ozone House, and the Geology and Environmental Studies departments were also represented.

“The Expo was important because it showed the campus the variety of environmental groups available,” Hoosein said. “There is enough variety to appeal to most of the student body, while improving Union’s carbon footprint.”

Besides the environmentally-friendly causes, students were also drawn to the free food that was being distributed at the event. About 50 to 100 students came and enjoyed the Green Expo, and the ten free pizzas and lemonade donated by Union Dining Services.

“The free food was a nice plus during the day,” Environmental Club Treasurer Bobby Meeson ‘13 said. “It was just great to tell students about the exciting things going on with Union sustainability.”


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