Extraordinary Ordinaries: John Skumurski – The Director of Budgets, Insurance and Environmental Compliance


By Gabrielle Contelmo

Using clubs as an example, Skumurski notes that sustainability and the green movement have caused a domino effect.

He says that students have become more humanitarian and sophisticated. He also likes the transparency that Union’s administration offers. “We really try to do new things,” he says. Mr. Skumurski wouldn’t change anything about Union. “You don’t stay somewhere 22 years if you don’t like the place,” he concludes.

When he’s not working, Skumurski bakes phenomenal cakes (à la TV’s “Ace of Cakes”). He unleashes his creativity through cakes of all shapes and sizes, topped with homemade buttercream frosting in vibrant colors. A collection of pictures in his office captures the essence of his masterpieces, all of which are eaten down to the last crumb.


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