Extraordinary Ordinaries: Glen Hartman – An ex-firefighter preventing crime on Union’s Campus


By Gabrielle Contelmo

For students entering College Park Hall, perhaps the most notable feature of the hotel-turned-dorm is the menacing desk of the Campus Safety officers. As that feeling of guiltiness leers overhead, most students scuttle past the uniformed officer monitoring the campus via impressive computer screens. Upon closer inspection, however, behind the desk sits a genuine and down-to-earth person.

Glenn Hartman is one of those people. Initially, he worked at GE for ten years, and subsequently served as a firefighter. There, he worked his way up to captain, fighting fires for a total of 23 years. Retirement didn’t suit Hartman, and he began working at Union nearly five years ago, after a six month retirement of boredom and restlessness. Now he works three days a week as a Campus Safety officer.

Though Union probably doesn’t offer the same excitement as fighting fires, Hartman enjoys his job. “During the day it’s mostly quiet,” he says. He describes a day in uniform, explaining how he often checks buildings on campus for disturbances or “anything unusual.” He also opens buildings in the mornings or for special events, and occasionally transports injured students. Most people have experienced being locked out of their room, and Hartman is one of those who answers that common call.

In addition to the people he works with, Hartman cites the students with whom he interacts as one of the benefits of his job. One thing Hartman might change is Union’s location. “Maybe put it in South Carolina,” he says, “so it’s warmer.”

He has seen some changes on campus, most notably a significant amount of construction. In addition, he has experienced a new administration, witnessing President Ainlay’s commencement at Union.

Hartman is a local, “born and bred in Schenectady,” he says. He grew up on Perry Street, in the Bellevue area of the city, and has remained here since. For 23 years, he has been married to Union’s own, Carmela Harman, the Manager of Student Accounts in McKean House.

In his spare time, Hartman enjoys golf, bowling, and, surprisingly, gardening. “That’s my sensitive side,” he adds.  He is a fan of the NY Yankees and the NY Giants, and occasionally attends their games. One other thing Hartman would change about Union: “there are too many Boston fans,” he complains.



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