What if Google went missing?


By Gabe Sturges

As I desperately type this article, deadline looming ominously above my head like a thundercloud, my normal menagerie of witticisms elude me, leaving me instead scouring the Internet for inspiration through the skilled guidance of the Google search engine.

Usually, I start by constructing the outline for an opening sentence, requiring that I search for an online thesaurus to find a new word.  That in turn forces me to  search for a word definition, spurring on a series of other related searches.  In the thick of my research, with a much-needed prod of divine inspiration, the electricity to Reamer abruptly shut off, causing me to lose Internet connection.

During such a traumatic ordeal, my computer was running on battery power, allowing me to (un)luckily continue on with my labors, albeit to a limited extent.   Even in those few short minutes, my work was impacted by Google’s noticeable absence, spurring me to realize how truly invaluable it is in our modern world.

I contest that the debut of the now omnipresent search engine has completely reshaped the day-to-day interactions of the youth population, as well as a sizeable group of Generation Xers.

In the frenetic hustle and bustle of today’s society, rapid feedback is integral to the inner workings of daily existence.  For those technological naysayers among our ranks, one mustn’t be pragmatic.  After all, when a noun, “Google,” has been turned into a verb, “google,” it is a safe indication of its widespread nature.

Google’s wealth of information and search options is absolutely incredible, yet the program designers have made the search engine extraordinarily intuitive.

For some, myself included, who are still unsure how to change the picture on their desktop screen, the idea of an easy to use piece of technology is incredibly refreshing.

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