Wake up and smell the coffee: Reamer’s Starbucks Kiosk gets new home


By Rachel Cox

The Starbucks Kiosk in Reamer Campus Center is being relocated to the new Wold Building upon its opening this academic year. According to Director of Dining Services Dan Detora, the kiosk will be moved because, in its current location, it attracts a large crowd of students at several points in the day. This creates a potentially unsafe environment in the middle of the campus center.

The space in Reamer will be turned into an area devoted to student activities. “It’s good because a lot of students don’t go the fourth floor and check out Student Activities, so it’ll allow them to see school events,” Isaiah Buchanan ‘11 said.  “Also, it’ll force people to visit the new Wold building,” agreeing with Detora’s reasoning.

Detora believes that this “will help the student body promote more programs.”  The new student-run area will be a space for the campus community to find out more and learn about clubs and programs that already exist on campus.

“I think it’s a good idea to have a more accessible and noticeable student activities place, but I feel like it just makes the most sense for the Starbucks Kiosk to be in Reamer,” Michelle Frankel ‘13 said. Ultimately, Frankel believes students who want their coffee will venture to Wold regardless.

For the remainder of Fall Term, however, the Starbucks Kiosk will remain open and running as normal. Until the official opening of the Wold Science Building during Spring Term, students can continue to stop in at the Reamer Starbucks for their daily caffeine doses.


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