The Hungry Dutchman: Union Inn


By Guss Firestein

In this week’s column I am going to let you in on a little secret…Union Inn has GREAT friggin’ food. I remember that when I was a freshmen, the food place of choice for when we were hungry was Rupsis. Sadly Rupsis has since closed and we were forced to look elsewhere. I should have known from my experience with Rupsis that bars can also have good food, but being underage at the time, I hadn’t made my rounds to all the bars in the area yet.

I began to hear older kids talking about the food at Union Inn, and they were always talking about the wings. I finally decided I needed to check it out for myself because I had to get my good food “fix.” Over the years I have tried many of the items on their menu and decided to use this week’s column to tell you about a few of my favorite things at Union Inn.

If you are looking for a quick snack or a light dinner to go out on, I suggest going after the Union Inn wings. They have a ton of different flavors but my favorites are: Moonshine, Sweet Fire, and Deadman Walking. You can get a dozen wings for $7.95 which, of course, come with blue cheese and celery, as do wings from any respectable place.

If you don’t like spicy wings, then you should go for the Moonshine wings which have sweet honey blended with BBQ sauce. If you like spicy but can’t handle the “heat,” then you should try the Sweet Fire wings. Sweet Fire wings have a hot wing sauce mixed with spicy Tennessee BBQ and are my favorite of all the wings.

However, if you are someone who needs their wings spicy, you might just be man—or woman—enough to go after the Deadman Walking wings. These wings have smoked chipotle peppers, jalapeños, black pepper and red-hot. I have had these wings several times and you will definitely need the blue cheese and celery with these bad-boys.

Feeling healthy or maybe just something a little “lighter?” When I’m looking for a salad but still want to feel full, I go for the 7oz New York Strip Salad. For $8.95, you get a salad with sliced grilled steak with Montreal steak seasoning and raw onions. The steak is actually pretty unreal and you aren’t left hungry and wishing you had ordered more. If you aren’t a salad person, maybe you’re into wraps. I tried their Buffalo Chicken Wrap and it was fantastic. You get a side with it too, so like the salad you actually get a good amount of food.

I myself love a good burger and sometimes nothing else will do. I have tried the Union Inn burger, Portabella burger, and the Black and Blue burger.

The Union Inn burger has sautéed onions and peppers with cheddar cheese and bacon; it’s a pretty classic burger with lots of tasties on top.

When I want a burger but am trying to feel a little healthy at the same time, I go for the Portabella burger. This is simply a burger with grilled portabella mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese. If you love cheese on your burger and are a lover of blue cheese, you will want to go for the Black and Blue burger. This is an 8oz burger with melted crumbly blue cheese. You might think that the blue cheese would overwhelm the burger but it is just delightful.

Definitely stop in and check out Union Inn and their amazing food. If you are lazy, like many of us are, you’re in luck because they deliver. Union Inn has great deals throughout the week and has a great relationship with Union College and the students. Check out to see their menu!


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