Tech of the Week


By Neha Pirwani

This holiday season, Apple and Amazon may be on the sidelines.  Google’s upcoming music store could present severe threats to iTunes, Amazon mp3 and other like services.

Google’s latest gizmo provides music buffs, download devotees and Android users with several unique advantages.  Unlike iTunes, the service is to run entirely through the Internet.  According to Billboard Magazine, users will have the option to buy a “digital locker” from which their music can be streamed to any web browser.

Additionally, every song can be played once before purchase.  This certainly trumps the 30-second snippets iTunes offers.  Android phone users will benefit from Google’s new service because of its ability to link directly to their cell phones.

While many are eagerly awaiting this service, Google still has a few hurdles to cross, including negotiating rights and label agreements.  Though, if everything goes as planned, Apple and Amazon can expect a sour surprise!


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