Sophomore Sentiments


By Gabe Sturges

Many impetuous freshmen are sure to believe that they and they alone have this college thing all figured out.  As a returning sophomore, I will be first to admit that I still have barely dipped a toe into the opaque waters of academia and the like.  After a year, things have certainly changed; frequent looks spur revelations previously incomprehensible as a first year, yet just as often, I am still confused.

First off, having walked past numerous orientation groups and skirting the brunch melee in West, I have uncovered the tell tale sign of the freshman student.  On your next jaunt about campus, pay particular attention to the necks of your fellow academics.  As clear as a scarlet letter, almost all freshman proudly display their Union ID lanyards draped around their necks, identification and key facing front for most, yet stylishly dangling down the back among the lax bro crowd.

Along the same lines, try as I might even as an impetuous second-year, I can in no way fathom the population demographics so blatantly obvious at this school.  According to the athletics website, the lacrosse team fields a roster of 40 players.  Yet on any given early fall or late spring day, countless students can be seen proudly clothed in mesh pinnies, athletic shorts and high white or black socks.  Springfest 2010 was well prepared, selling eponymous pinnies just in case a rousing scrimmage broke out between sets of Guster.

As with everything, going through college is a constantly evolving process with constantly changing perspectives.


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