‘So this is my first year…’ : A firsthand account of first impressions and embarassing moments from the class of 2014


By Caroline Hershey

For an embarrassing fifteen minutes of freshman shame, I sat crouched on the floor of Reamer. As I twisted and turned the lock on box 1088 without prevail, it occurred to me that getting mail would be just one of many obstacles that the class of 2014, myself included, would have to face in the coming weeks.

Number one being West Dining; it’s equipped with enough pizza and ice cream to bring on the “freshman-fifteen” faster than you can say “waffle iron.” Then come the next few obstacles: Which way to hold a six-sided tray? Where to sit? And finally, which of the four garbages is the right one?

Obstacle two, class: a sixty-five minute window for freshman naïvety. Take it from someone who learned the hard way; in college, you don’t need your teacher’s—or should I say professor’s—permission to go to the bathroom.

But aside from all the humiliation and first-year faux pas, these first few weeks at Union have excited all 560 of us for the four years ahead. Whether studying in the Nott or running naked around it, getting locked out of dorms or eating pizza inside them, we all wear our garnet apparel with pride, anxious to become part of the Union community.

Alas, when in doubt, just remember the wise words of our orientation speaker, author James McBride: “just act like you know what you’re doing.”


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