Single in Schenectady


By Julia Friedman

Annora Brennan

Annora is senior Theater major and Math minor from New London, CT.  When she isn’t swimming for the swim team, she can be found dressing up in “crazy outfits,” so her friends tell us. She is also avidly involved in the plays on campus. You can spot her running around campus in her bright yellow sneakers if you want to give this Orientation Co-Chair a holler.

Tim Kuehn

Tim is a Physics and Computer Science double major from New Jersey. When he’s not pretending to enjoy physics, which he only does for the flair, Tim can be found performing his presidential duties with the Union College Bowling Club. He openly admits to being the most selfish person he knows, if you’re into that sort of thing. As Tim says in his Facebook Bio: I am Tim. I am omnipotent. I am ever changing like the seasons.


Julia: What are your thoughts on being single? Are you content with your current status or open to possibilities?

Annora: I am very happy being referred to as Ms. Brennan; there is no need to have a ring on my finger at my age. This does not mean I frown upon dating. People just should refrain from becoming “the old married couple” with their two-month relationship.

Tim: I love being single and I am not open to possibilities that involve relationships. You don’t eat the same thing for lunch everyday— it’s better to have variety.


Julia: Describe the type of personality that you’re most interested in.

Annora: Someone who can make me laugh! If I don’t get your humor, then we won’t mix. You also have to challenge me in some way; I don’t like pushovers.

Tim: Egotistical, confident, sexy, sexy personality I suppose, flirtacious, non-judgemental, intellectual, and a willingness to break hearts.


Julia: A fellow Union student once told me, “A kiss is like a handshake these days.” Any thoughts?

Annora: I tend to do my main scoping at the gym. I have coined the term “gym boyfriend” to refer to those guys who go to the gym at the same time I do and I don’t mind looking at.

Tim: I agree. Maybe less personal than a handshake (just kidding). Maybe not like a handshake, but it should be like a handshake.


Julia: Do you put yourself out there, or do you wait for them to come to you?

Annora: I have always put myself out there; that’s where some of my embarrassments with “gym boyfriends” and others have happened. I hope he doesn’t check the Concordy website often. You  have to put yourself out there to get what you want.

Tim: Depends what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I put myself out there, but I enjoy people coming to me. You can’t always put yourself out there because then you seem desperate. But everyone’s desperate. It’s all about superficiality, which is great. I love that.


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