Senior year or stress year?


By Maeghan Buckley

Welcome to Senior Year, class of 2011.  It feels like just yesterday that President Ainlay was telling our parents to leave so freshmen orientation could begin.  What we didn’t know then was how quickly time would fly before we were seniors.

In just the first couple of weeks, we have to remember to attend a senior orientation, fill out applications for grants and scholarships, possibly study for and take a standardized test, finalize resumes, research a thesis topic, and decide what to do with the rest of our lives.  Oh yeah, we can’t forget the two or three  classes we are taking on top of all that.

It’s a stressful year, but it’s supposed to be the time of our lives.  We need to enjoy it, not be too stressed, and work our butts off so we can achieve everything we ever dreamed of.

For some of us, this is the last year of formal schooling we will ever have before we are thrown  into the real world.  For the rest of us, we have two, three, or more years and mountains of debt to worry about.  No matter your plans, this is an exciting and nerve-racking time.  Some of us are already living off campus, worrying about rent, utilities, and having enough money to pay to  DVR our favorite show.

So much of college is focused on the new freshmen who get lost on their way to class and who are excited to eat dinner in Upper on Friday, never mind what they will be doing after graduation.

For us, that time is now, and we can feel forgotten in the shuffle.  There are over five hundred of us signing up for mock interviews, asking professors for recommendations, and signing up for  extended library loans for thesis.  Heck, I am getting stressed just writing all of this down.

These first two weeks I have been feeling too anxious about the future to feel good about going out and enjoying myself, but I need to take my own advice. Just because there’s so much stress does not mean we aren’t meant to enjoy ourselves.  This may not even be the year for moderation; there are too many people to see:  the friends you’ve had since freshmen year, people you’ve met in your clubs, everyone you went abroad with, and your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers.  Take my advice—even if I don’t—and have some fun!

This is going to be a year of  long nights in the library—wishing it was open twenty-four hours a day—and a lot of coffee.  As much as every student hates more stress, I hope you will also enjoy it.  We just need to get used to that question we all hated our senior year of high school, “What are you doing after graduation?”


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