Petitions available for Class of 2014 elections


By Tess Koman

Yesterday, freshmen petitions to run for Student Representative became available in Student Activities on the fourth floor of Reamer.

Students running require at least three hundred signatures on their petitions to be considered for the representative position.

Petitions will be due in the same place on Wednesday, Oct. 6, at which point the student may begin campaigning. Freshmen elections will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 13.

The campaign period is an important one in which students get to explain their ideas for their potential new position. Several opportunities are given to the freshman to do so. For example, students will be allowed to speak in West Dining Hall closer to the elections.

The President of Student Forum, Andrew Churchill ‘11, thinks these upcoming elections are highly important. “Becoming a member of Student Forum is both a great opportunity and responsibility,” Churchill said.

“Besides presiding over the student activities budget, members of Student Forum work with clubs and organizations on campus to make sure that our experience is the best it could be,” Churchill said.

Ibtesam “Sunny” Anjum ‘13, last year’s freshman President and current Student Forum member, agrees. “As Student Representative, you have a lot of input on a lot of decisions,” Anjum said.

“There are so many things going on behind the scenes that not too many students know about. You get to vote on club activities and work with several clubs to make campus-wide events happen!” Anjum said.

Both Anjum and Justin Reilly ‘13, current Class of 2013 President, explain that campaigning is one of the most rewarding parts.“It was the best part of the election process; I got to meet a lot of people that I am now really close with by going door to door, making a Facebook page, and putting up fliers with my ideas on them,” Anjum said.

Reilly’s election strategy at the end of last year was similar. “For my campaign I put up posters, and then I rented a snow cone machine,” Reilly said. “That was a big hit! This has been one of the best decisions I made at college so far, and I recommend everyone who has the slightest interest in Student Forum to at least show up at the next Student Forum meeting.”

All three members of Student Forum strongly encourage freshmen who are on the fence to go for it.

“It is so important,” Churchill says, “for first-year students to take up this responsibility because they represent the future of our school. Not only will the elected students make an initial impact with their fresh ideas, but also they will carry the torch forward when we are gone. Getting involved early just gives students a head start on that process.”

Interested students can visit Student Activities for more information or to pick up a petition.


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