Intimate Whisperings with Julia Friedman


By Julia Friedman

Clancy Slack ’11

Clancy Slack is a chemistry major and math minor from Glens Falls, NY. Some highlights from his extensive involvement on Campus include holding a position as a senior intern in the Admissions Office, founder of Iris House, Orientation Co-Chair, and the Union College Representative of the Great American Condom Campaign. Way to set the bar high for other students, Clancy.

Andrew Churchill ‘11

Andrew Churchill is from Oceanside, NY and is a Political Science and French double major. Aside from holding the esteemed position of Student Forum President, Andrew is a member of the French Club and plays for the Club Hockey team. Andrew has a handshake comparable to that of the Incredible Hulk.

Eliza Duquette ‘11

Elisabeth Duquette is an Anthropology major who really wants to major in everything. An inhabitant of the Ozone house, she spends free time doing environmental clubs. She is also a tutor for AOP in writing, volunteers at Hamilton Hill Arts Center and spends her free time having solo dance parties and sleeping to wake up at 5 A.M.


­­­Julia: Describe your daily shower routine.

Andrew: I like to start with an exfoliating scrub and a pretty standard body wash. I end with a facial mask and pull it off while standing in front of the mirror, pondering life and death just like Christian Bail in American Psycho.

Eliza: Daily? Um, honestly, I only remember to shower after going to the gym or a night out. I’m low maintenance. I make up for it though in how often I brush my teeth. Does that count?

Clancy: Showers are essential. I start with the top and work my way down. I hate it when people start with their feet because the residue from shampoo drips anyways. I always shower before I leave my house.


Julia: Let’s pretend I want to stalk you…Where should I start hanging out?

Andrew: Probably at the “clubs.” Or in the library.

Clancy: Somewhere in the Chem department would be good. I charge $45 as a chem tutor. I mostly hibernate in my house on Lenox, which has a lot of windows.

Eliza: Daytime? Floating between campus and the Ozone layer. Nighttime? Blissfully lost along the Fratosphere, probably in the Sig Phi cage.


Julia: Who’s your favorite Disney Princess and why?

Andrew: Belle. I had a crush on her in the fifth grade. She wanted me, but I already had a girlfriend.

Clancy: I originally wanted to say Jasmine because I like Aladdin, but I’d have to say Belle because she fell in love with a bear and she has an awesome castle.

Eliza: Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She is beautiful and lazy. She just sleeps and manages to STILL attract Prince Phillip. I interpret this as meaning that I’ve got some sort of chance at hooking one for myself someday, since most of my time is spent actually conscious.


Julia: What is your Facebook friending style?

Andrew: I don’t have a Facebook.

Clancy: I like to be added, but I’m not afraid to go ahead and add people. If you make me laugh, I’ll add you.

Eliza: I usually accept everyone, unless I clearly have never met you and will never, since you live in San Francisco and your name is Santini “Big Boy” Martini.


Julia: What’s your biggest turn-off? Biggest turn-on?

Andrew: My biggest turn-on is when a girl is well dressed. My biggest turn-off is when she’s not up on Jersey Shore.

Clancy: A wife beater and gym shorts is my biggest turn-on, and someone who can make a fool of themselves. My biggest turn-off is when someone thinks they can make a better shirt-tie combo than me.

Eliza: My turn-offs  are  ignorance, disrespectful, cocky, dandruff, and hairyness. My turn-ons are people who don’t care what others think, have great eyes and expressions.


Julia: How do you feel about Silly Bandz?

Andrew: Extremely concerned that my nearly sixteen-year-old sister has them.

Clancy: I am against Silly Bandz. They are a distraction and they make stupid shapes. There is a square and a diamond one. I once saw Silly Bandz on the sidewalk and am convinced there was a thirteen-year-old girl brawl.

Eliza: Silly Bandz?


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