Girls favor comfort for fall


By Rachel Steiner

The leaves are changing color as yet another class enters the world of Union.

The freshman class of 2014 not only brings new faces and new personalities to the campus, but also new styles and ideas of what is “in” for fall.

The main focus: the girls of 2014. So what are the freshmen girls wearing as we dive into fall fashion?

From what I have seen and through casual conversations I have had with my fellow classmates, clothing must-haves seem to be quite similar for girls in the freshman class.

Whether you’re a ‘California Girl’ or have an ‘Empire State of Mind,’ you are bound to have similar necessities to complete your fall look.

From these ten necessities, comfortable clothing is in for the freshman girls. Looking nice, yet casual at the same time when getting dressed, sums up the girls’ clothing trends for this season.

Freshmen Top Ten Fall Trends

1. Leggings

2. Long sweaters

3. Boots

4. Satchels (because Indiana Jones had one)

5. Flannels

6. Union Sweatshirt (because we have spirit)

7. High waist skirts

8. Brightly colored scarves

9. Loose Tops

10. Blazers

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