Britney-themed episode of “Glee” unexplainably genius


By Becca Seel

I have been anticipating the Britney episode of Glee like Ralphie for Christmas morning. The prospect of Brittany, one of my favorite characters, and Britney, my pre-adolescent icon, caused me to regress back to my ten-year-old self as I watched the episode with bated breath.

The Britney episode had a lot of things going for it. One of these things was named John Stamos. Also, Will Scheuster singing in a sexy dance routine.

The combination of a Brittany and Britney episode was unexplainably genius.

After a hallucination induced by general anesthesia, Brittany embarked upon a journey through popstar wonderland, singing “I’m a Slave 4 U” while draping herself on Stamos, performing Spears’ iconic choreography with a technical precision, and wearing three of Britney’s most famous ensembles: MTV VMA’s snake costume complete with giant boa, the “Oops, I Did It Again” red pleather outfit, and “Toxic’s” glitter ensemble.

I felt a bubbling hysteria rise within me.

Brittany’s anesthetic romp resulted in her discovering her true potential, as she announced in Glee rehearsal that “I’m more talented than you” and requested all future solos, which I’m okay with.

My one complaint with the show can be summed up with a single word: Rachel.

Though Lea Michele is unquestionably talented, it is high time that she be deposed from her throne and her solos given to her equally talented co-stars (Mercedes, where art thou?).

Her performance of “Hit me Baby, One More Time” (one of my staples at ten years old) was incredibly disappointing. You can up the key, give her the clothes, and teach her the moves, but Michele was clearly unable to divorce her own ego to play up the wide-eyed innocence of pre-scandal Britney.

When Rachel performed a Paramore song for Finn, responses in the Concordy office included shouts of “shut the f—k up!” and “nobody cares!” while I experienced moderate nausea. Rachel and Finn must end.

Overall, the Britney episode of Glee met my expectations. Despite a few lackluster numbers, the inclusion of Ms. Spears’ music into the Glee canon fufilled all of my fantasies as I regressed to the wonder years of my youth.


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