A Letter from Your Editors: Dear readers of the Concordiensis


By Aviva Hope Rutkin

Suddenly, the summer is over, and it’s back to business. Bros have ditched their beachwear for economics textbooks; first-years are awkwardly trying to figure out how to open their mailboxes; and everyone is getting back into the spring—or rather, fall—of things. And so we too at the Concordiensis have returned to our dark office at the top of Reamer, which has finally received central air-conditioning.

We’d like to welcome the newest class of Union to campus. It’s going to be a terrific year. Many previous editors have probably written those lines before us, but never have they been more true.

We’re especially excited to announce the addition of a brand-new section: 807 Union Street, which will be run by editors Tess Skoller ‘13 and Shilpa Darivemula ‘13. 807U, as the section is so affectionately called, promises to blend the activities and people of the city of Schenectady with the work of students at Union.

As always, we aim to produce the best possible weekly paper, and we cannot do so without your contributions. We are a newspaper that is created by students, run by students, and focused on students. As such, we ask you to help us provoke thought and encourage discussion through your submissions and articles.

We would also like to remind our readers that the Concordy happily invites letters to the editor, whether they are filled with dissent, commendation, or some combination of the two. Anyone who is interested may submit letters or columns per the submission policy on the bottom of this page. As usual, editor contact information is listed at the beginning of every section for less public inquiries.

Our webmaster, Zak Smolen ’13, has been working tirelessly over the summer on our new website, to be released in late October. Check concordy.com every week to view our electronic issue and interactive content. And yes, we’re on Twitter (@Concordiensis) and Facebook, too.

Here’s to a fantastic and fun-filled year. We come out on Thursdays.

Ajay Major & Aviva Hope RutkinEditors-in-Chief


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