Dutchwoman of the Week: Annika Wells ’19


Hometown: Williamstown, MA

Major:  Geology

Q: Can you briefly explain how you started rowing?

A: Rowing has been a part of me for my entire life because my dad is a collegiate crew coach. I was never really sure if I would be good at it, but I thought if any time was right to start rowing it would be in college.

Q: Do you have a pre-race ritual?

A: I wouldn’t say it’s a ritual, but I always try to think about the results that I want and that we want as a team for each race. I also try to think about how I can contribute to the desired end result of winning.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about being on the crew team?

A: It is such a cohesive group of girls with a fun energy when the time is right, and seriousness and focus when it comes time for practices, regattas and whatever else. Also, they really are a huge support mechanism for me because I know if I am having an off day, someone will find a way to cheer me up.

Q: What has been the highlight of your athletic career so far?

A: I would have to say racing in a Varsity Four at New York State Championships and coming in third place overall was an unbelievable feeling, and truly one that I will never forget.

Q: What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about the crew team?

A: We know how to have a good time down at the boathouse when we blast the speakers during our 2K pieces, or just erg pieces in general. We pump each other up all the time so no one is feeling nervous about any fitness tests or anything else.

Q: How do you thinking playing a varsity sport has influenced your college experience?

A: It has definitely influenced my college experience for the better because it is a nice break from school and studying. Plus you get to go exercise on the Mohawk River, which is way more fun than going to the gym by yourself.

Q: What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

A: Ozone Café on Fridays, hands down, is the best place to eat on campus.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Union?

A: I can’t pick just one. My two favorite things about Union are the incredible professors and staff that we have here, and also the amazing, lifelong friendships that I have made throughout my four years here.

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Schenectady? Why?

A: Cornell’s Restaurant is my favorite because I love Italian food.

Q: What’s one fun fact about you that most people don’t know?

A: When I was 17, I got to go out onto the field at Foxborough Stadium, home of the New England Patriots, and see some of the players like Tom Brady and Julian Edelman.


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