Dutchwoman of the Week: Emily Quinn ’20


emily quinn

Hometown: Belmont, Mass.

Major: Undeclared

Q: What was your involvement in swimming like before coming to Union?

A: I swam for a small club team at home for two years and I swam for my high school team.

Q: What is the proudest moment in your swimming career so far?

A: In high school, I think my proudest moment was when my relay team broke the school’s record for the 200-meter medley relay; that was really awesome. My proudest moment at Union has been beating Hamilton. We worked really hard for it and it was a big accomplishment for our team.

Q: What is your goal for this season?

A: My goal is to drop time on my 100-meter breaststroke and 200-meter breaststroke.

Q: What is it like when you are standing behind the block getting ready for a race? How do you mentally prepare yourself?

A: Even though I have been swimming for so long, I still get really nervous when I am behind the block. But, having teammates around is definitely super helpful; because I know they are going to be cheering me on. I know that I’ve worked hard for what I’m doing and I just tell myself putting forth my best effort is all I can do.

Q: What is your favorite stroke and why?

A: My favorite stroke is breaststroke and my favorite event is the 200-meter breaststroke and the medley relay. I like the breaststroke because I have the most experience with it. Also, I really like the relays because I like being on teams and having three other girls to compete with.

Q: What do you do as a team to enhance team spirit?

A: I don’t know how anyone would be able to get through practices without having a big team surrounding them. The practices are really hard so having a bunch of teammates to help you get through it mentally is really helpful.

Q: What is your favorite food at Union?

A: The French fries at West are pretty bomb.


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