Dutchman of the Week: Claude-Luvier Bonnet ’17

Courtesy of Union Athletics
Courtesy of Union Athletics

Hometown: Malden, MA
Major: Biochemistry and French
Clubs/Activities: Posse Scholar and occasionally attends French Club meetings.

Q: Can you briefly explain your experience doing track and field before coming to Union?

A: Before coming to Union, I had done track and field all four years of high school. Between indoor and outdoor track and field and cross country, I completed 11 out of 12 running seasons. I remember I did one season of crew before joining the track team in high school but, after my first season, the thrill of competing against rival teams in track and field and, more importantly, against myself, made me love the sport and want to keep training year after year.


Q: Do you think being on track and field team has better prepared you for the future? Why or why not?

A: Without a doubt, track and field has prepared me for the future. I often joke that, “Track is life,” but, honestly, I can often incorporate things that I have learned while training with elements of life.


Q: In your opinion, is track more of an individual sport or a team sport?

A: Track is an individual sport. One of the reasons why I love this sport is that it doesn’t matter what team you are on; only you can determine how well you do. I can never blame anyone else for my failures. The team element sets in at meets that measure team scores.


Q: Do you have any goals set for the remainder of this season, whether they be personal or team-oriented?

A: I don’t like to say my individual goals out loud; I wrote them on an old Post-it note freshmen year. I keep that in one of my bags. As for team goals, I do want to do my best to be competitive when the bigger meets come around like Liberty Leagues and the state meet.


Q: What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

A: I don’t have a single favorite thing to eat on campus, but I must say that I was very excited to come back from my term abroad to see that Upperclass Dining Hall had added in the Chef U section where students can prepare their own meals at sauté stations. I can create whatever I want and it’s a really nice thing to be able to do and convenient.


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