Dutchman of the week: Taylor Finn ’18

Courtesy of Union Athletics
Courtesy of Union Athletics

Hometown: Dover, MA
Major: Managerial Economics
Sport: Track & Field


Q: When did you first start running track and what got you into it?

A: I started my junior year of high school. I really just wanted something to do in the spring that wasn’t soccer and ended up getting hooked on sprinting. It was always something I was good at, but never something I thought about competing in. I switched from the 100m to the 200m and 400m when I got to Union.


Q: What is your favorite part about running for the Union team?

A: The size isn’t too big and everyone knows everyone. At my high school the track and field team was massive. Here, the size of the team is a solid number and you get to know everyone pretty quickly.


Q: What is your favorite memory running for the Union team?

A: Probably my first meet. I ended up being put in the 60 meter dash which I had never done before and I got destroyed. I thought to myself this is the worst possible way I could start my collegiate career. Later in the day, I ran the 200 meter and I don’t think anyone was expecting much of me, but I ran a solid race and think I even set a personal record that day.


Q: What is something you’ve learned since joining the team at Union?

A: Time-management. I think that’s a standard. We’ve got to go to bed early Friday, wake up early Saturday and run the whole day. I’m away from campus something like 12 hours in order to run 70 seconds or less. It forces you to be on top of things.


Q: What do you hope to accomplish this season?

A: I just want to stay healthy, that’s been a big problem for me. Hopefully I can get back into it slow and steady and work my way back to my peak when I was a freshman.


Q: What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

A: Probably eat off campus.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do off campus?

A: I like going to restaurants, Schenectady has great variety.


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