Dutchwoman of the week: Tru Edwards ’18


Hometown: Boston, MA
Major: Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies
Sport: Women’s basketball

Courtesy of Union Athletics
Courtesy of Union Athletics

Q: When did you first start playing basketball and what initially got you into it?

A: I first started playing when I was 8 years old. What got me into it was it kept me busy and out of trouble. My whole family played too so it was kind of a family thing as well. We’re all into sports. It created a sense of unity within the neighborhood too.


Q: What is your favorite part about playing for the Union team?

A: I think it’s the rush we get when we play. Facing adversity as a team and then overcoming that adversity and winning is worth it all. The culture of the team is also indescribable; it’s such a welcoming group, serious at times but we also have fun and know how to get the job done.


Q: What are you most looking forward to this upcoming season?

A: I’m most looking forward to seeing how this year’s group deals with that adversity. I know it’s going to come, that’s inevitable. I also feel confident enough to say that we have a chance at making the NCAAs this year.


Q: Going off of that, what are your goals for this season both individually and as a team

A: Individually I want to be a captain that anyone can feel comfortable coming to about anything, whether it’s extra individual work or something off the court. I also want to be that teammate that brings energy even when no one else has it. As a team I want us to stay together no matter the adversity we face and also win and lose as a team. We’re all a family at the end of the day.


Q: What skills have you learned as a student-athlete that will help you later in life?

A: Time management. Knowing when to say no to things; you can’t say yes to everything or else you’ll wear yourself thin. Also I’ve learned to sit back and observe before making judgements. It’s okay to be a leader and admit that you’re a leader.


Q: What’s something unique about the women’s basketball team?

A: We have a ton of different personalities. If you really get to know us you’ll know we’re all different in our own way. We’re like a huge melting pot, we each add our own spice.


Q: What is your favorite thing to eat on campus?

A: I would say the smoothies from West. Or their omelettes.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do off campus?

A: I like hanging with my Posse. The last thing we did was go go-kart racing. I also love sight-seeing.


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