Dutchwoman of the week: Morgan Clark ’17

Courtesy of Union Athletics
Courtesy of Union Athletics

Hometown: Webster, NY
Major: Physics
Sport: Volleyball

Q: When did you first start playing volleyball and what got you into it?

A: I started playing volleyball about halfway through sixth-grade. I grew up around the sport; both of my parents play and two of my older cousins played when they were in high school while I was in elementary school, so I’ve been watching volleyball my whole life. About halfway through sixth grade, my gymnastics coach told me I was too tall and I should find another sport, so I picked volleyball and never looked back.


Q: What is your favorite part about playing for the Union team?

A: Definitely my teammates. They are my family on campus, 13 of my favorite people in the whole world and some of my best friends and greatest people I have ever met. We have been through a lot of adversity in the last few years and I have loved being a part of a group that has handled it with such grace and positivity. My favorite part about my team is how hard we work, and how unwilling we are to let tough situations bring us down. It’s amazing to be a part of a group that wants to excel as much as I do and is willing to work as hard as we do to get there.


Q: What is something about the team that people may not know? Or something unique about this year’s group.

A: Something people may not know about our team is that we are obsessed with the movie “Miracle.” We watch it on every bus ride that has TVs, on the way to the game and on the way home. We recite the final speech before all of our conference championships and even name our plays after “Miracle” characters.


Q: What has been your favorite moment from this season so far?

A: I have two. We went to California for our first tournament of the season this year which was absolutely incredible. Our first day we just spent the whole time at the beach. It was a lot of people’s first time in the Pacific Ocean, so we got way too excited about going in the water. We were all running out to go body surf on some waves, but the water didn’t get deep as fast as we were expecting and like six people on our team, myself included, completely face-planted into the ocean. It was terrifying, hilarious and so much fun all at the same time. My other favorite moment was when we played Steven’s Institute of Technology, a few weekends ago. My sister plays on the team there, and they are nationally ranked, so beating them was a pretty incredible moment.


Q: What do you hope to accomplish the rest of the way this season?

A: My two goals for the rest of the season are two firsts for Union in the past five or six years. I want to beat Clarkson University and I want to make it to the NCAA tournament. Both of those have been goals for our team since my freshman year, and I’m really hoping we can achieve them this time around!


Q: How do you feel being a student-athlete has helped you here at Union and how do you think it will benefit you moving forward in life?

A: Being a student-athlete has been the most incredible, gratifying and useful experience I have had at Union by far. Coming in as a freshman it was incredible because it gave me friends and a support system before I knew anyone else on campus. Most importantly, it has been my support system through all of the ups and downs that have happened since then and will help me through so many more ups and downs in the years to come. Being a student-athlete has also taught me not to take anything for granted, and that you will only achieve what you work hard enough to achieve. It doesn’t matter how tall or talented your team is, it’s all about the amount of work you put into what you do.


Q: What is your favorite thing to eat on-campus?

A: Milkshakes from ’Skellar.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do off-campus?

A: My favorite thing to do off-campus is probably eating brunch at Perreca’s and/or Peter Pause.


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