Dutchwoman of the Week: KJ Davis ’17


Hometown: Milton, Mass.

Major: Economics

Sport: Women’s ice hockey


Notable: Davis recently spearheaded the creation of a Love Your Melon crew at Union.



Q Tell me a bit about Love Your Melon.


A I think their mission statement sums it all up. Love Your Melon’s mission statement is, “Love your melon is an apparel brand that gives a hat to every child battling cancer in America, funds childhood cancer research initiatives and provides immediate support for children and their families.”

On campus, we’ll sell beanies and other products. Some of the products seem a little pricy — for example a beanie costs $30 — but half of that $30 goes directly to research or to supporting a family, and the other half goes toward the product.


Q What made you decide to bring Love Your Melon to Union?


A It all happened in kind of a whirlwind. Two weeks ago, I saw a promotion for Love Your Melon on Facebook. I thought the picture in the promotion was really cool and I liked the hat, so I mentioned it to a girl on my team and she thought it seemed cool, too. I talked to one of my friends from Brown University about getting a hat, since they had it there, but then I decided to start our own crew here at Union.

I became an ambassador, and a week later our crew was initiated. A few days ago, we received a sample and some informational literature, then we started reaching out to people on campus to see who was interested in getting involved. We currently have 20 members, with 10 people on the waiting list. Also, the overall cause is really important to me since my grandmother died from breast cancer.


Q Are there other athletes involved with Love Your Melon?

A Yes, there are quite a few athletes involved. Ten, or half of the group, are women’s hockey players. Additionally, we have volleyball and soccer players, along with several non-athletes.


Q What can people do if they want to get involved with Love Your



A Anyone who is interested in getting involved can reach out to me. My email is davisk@union.edu. We are compiling a list of volunteers so that we can expand the crew once we start selling more. Also, people can help by spreading the word and buying products. We will be tabling soon, so people can stop by our table to learn more, as well.


Q Other than beanies, what products does Love Your Melon sell?


A We sell beanies, baseball hats, T-shirts, tanks, tote bags, wrist bands, stickers and gift cards. Also, there are new products being released all the time — just the other day, 26 new styles were released.


Q Where can people buy Love Your Melon products?

A People can order them online. Go to www.loveyourmelon.com, purchase a hat or other product and then, when you are checking out, you will see a message asking if you want to support a crew. Click on the “select a campus crew” button and scroll through the drop-down to Union College Campus Crew.



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