Dutchwoman of the Week: Breana Derella ’16

Courtesy of Union Athletics

Hometown: Glastonbury, Conn.

Major: Economics

Minor: English

Sport: Women’s Soccer


Campus Involvement: President of Habitat for Humanity, member of Tri-Delta and member of the Baccalaureate Committee


Notable: Liberty League Offensive Player of the Week for week of Sept. 21 and leading scorer for the Dutchwomen so far this season with four goals scored.


Q: What and who got you interested in soccer?

A: Soccer has always been an influential part of my life. My dad runs some soccer facilities in Connecticut, and all of my family is involved in soccer so it kind of just rubbed off on me and it’s been a big passion of mine ever since I was young.


Q: Lately, you’ve been pretty explosive offensively. Why do you think that is?

A: I’ve been pretty nostalgic lately, knowing that I only have eight weeks left to play, then I’m done. Knowing in the back of my head that it’s my last season has given me a lot of extra passion and aggression.


Q: What are your personal goals and your team’s goals for this season?

A: Personally, my goals are to always give 100 percent and to leave the team as a good role model to the younger players. For the team, our main goals are to win and to make sure we are having fun. Soccer can be stressful, but great relationships and bonds come out of it.


Q: What do you think are your team’s main strengths and weaknesses?

A: One of our strengths is that our defense is phenomenal. They have had minimal goals scored on them compared to where we’ve been at this point in past seasons. Another strength is that the team has a tighter bond on and off the field. Our main weaknesses are our record and that we can’t seem to gain the composure to score goals.


Q: What is your favorite team to play against?

A: My favorite team to play against is probably RPI. We’ve been successful against them in the past and every time we play them, it’s a good game. We always come out on top against them and the feeling I get after those games reminds me of why I love soccer.


Q: What’s your greatest memory with Union Soccer?

A: Going to Spain this summer before preseason. I got to play soccer, sightsee and travel with 30 of my greatest friends.


Q: Do you have a pregame ritual?

A: Yeah, we have a pump-up ritual where we say a few words to get the energy level up. Also, we always listen to Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time” with our coach before games which helps us get inspired.


Q: In your opinion, what’s the best thing about Union?

A: I love that it’s small and has a tight-knit community. I came from a small high school so I knew I wanted to go somewhere small. Also, I love it because it’s allowed me to continue my passion — soccer. I visited for an overnight in high school, fell in love with the campus and I’ve never regretted coming here since. I also love how you can be involved with so many different things including sports, community service and social life. It’s given me a good balance.


Q: What is your favorite place on campus?

A: Reamer because it has the best food and you can socialize. I spend a lot of time in Reamer. Also, the soccer field because I have a lot of great memories there.


Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Schenectady?

A: Cornell’s Restaurant, I love the atmosphere and the people and food are amazing. I’ve never had a bad meal there.


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