Dutchwoman of the Week: Kim Hynes ’16

Courtesy of Union Athletics

Hometown: Westport, CT

Major: Economics

Minor: Environmental Studies

Sport: Women’s Golf

Campus Involvement: Sister of Sigma Delta Tau

Notable: Team captain and MVP.


Q: When did you start playing golf and who got you involved?

A: I started playing when I was eight, and it was mostly my mom who got me into it.


Q: Where is your favorite place to play?

A: My favorite place to play is my home course at the Patterson Club in Fairfield, CT. I have been playing there ever since I was a kid.


Q: What qualities do you think are important in a golfer?

A: The most important thing is to have a lot of patience. Playing 18 holes can take a long time. I once played one game for seven hours. Also, you need to have a good attitude. You need to be able to move on from bad shots.


Q: What is your best golf accomplishment?

A: Probably being the captain and MVP of the team for the past three years. It has been really special.


Q: What is the best thing about the Women’s Golf Team?

A: The program started when I was a freshman so I’ve been through the whole start-up and it’s cool to see how solid the program is becoming. I can see a big turnaround. We’re starting to develop into real competitors.


Q: What is your favorite thing about Union?

A: All the friends I’ve made. There’s a lot of cool people here.


Q: If you could have anyone caddy for you, who would you choose?

A: Amy Poehler, I’m sure she would keep it really light and fun.



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