Dutchman of the Week: T.J. Moor ’16

Courtesy of Union Athletics.


Hometown: Natick, MA

Major: Interdisciplinary Major in Psychology and Theater

Sport: Men’s Tennis

Campus Involvement: Member of Union Choices committee and Stage Manager for two winter dance productions

Notable: Co-Captain of Union Men’s Tennis Team. Played tennis at the New England Tennis Academy. TJ is a mentor and teacher to younger tennis athletes.


Q: How long have you played tennis?

A: I have been playing tennis since I was five years old. Tennis is a sport that runs in my family and I was recruited to play at Union.


Q: Do you play doubles or singles?

A: I play both. I prefer singles because when it comes down to it, you are the only one you can blame and I love the independent aspect. Also, when you play doubles it really depends who you are paired with.


Q: Who would you say is Union’s biggest tennis rival?

A: St. Lawrence.


Q: Do you prefer clay, hard or grass courts?

A: I prefer hard court because clay courts slow the ball down and grass courts make the ball skid. I also just enjoy the fast pace you feel when playing on a hard court.


Q: Is there anything you are trying to improve or work on as a team?

A: As a team we are making huge strides in fitness and mental toughness. We started lifting with trainers. I think we just need to be stronger and one way to do that is to work over the summer by continuing to train and play. We should start changing our mindset from ‘I need to go to lift,’ to ‘I want to go.’


Q: How are you trying to improve yourself as an individual?

A: For myself, I just want to keep getting better by playing against better opponents. I want to do better on the ITA tournament next season.


Q: Any goals for next season?

A: I want to make first team all league next year. Overall, more wins or even just a more respectable score.


Q: Do you have a pregame warm up or ritual?

A: Usually, every night before a match I watch replays of tennis matches in order to get a visual strategy. I generally listen to pump-up music.


Q: Who is your tennis role model?

A: Andre Aggasi, because he is of similar build and size to me. I have read his book and I think he is a great person to look up to since he is a hard worker, personable, serious about the game and overcame a lot of trials.


Q: What is your favorite tennis memory?

A: In my senior year of high school, I played a kid who was ranked 149th in the country and won. This was a huge moment for me because I was questioning if I had the confidence to play in college.


Q: What is your favorite thing about Union?

A: The flexibility that gives me the ability to get involved with different departments.



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