Xbox One X hits the gaming console stage with a bang


Just as the public got settled with the Xbox One, the brand-new Xbox One X has become available for pre-order. Just as the public got settled with the Xbox One, the brand-new Xbox One X has become available for pre-order. PC World writers Hayden Dingman, Brad Chachos and Alaina Yee write in ‘Xbox One X: Everything you need to know about this powerful gaming console,’ “the company has so far listed prices in five currencies: $499.” Microsoft expects the console to sell out quickly, and suggest that those interested place their pre-orders soon. Kotaku Writer Luke Plenkett comments in his article ‘Here are the Xbox one X’s specs’ on  how “the One X has much faster processing capabilities, which will enhance AI detail and allow for smoother gaming interactions.”In addition to the faster processing, a 6 Teraflop GPU will create more realistic characters and environments. This update will also create more detailed and better-quality animations.An increase in memory and storage capabilities was commented on by Dingman, Chachos and Yee, who call it an “incredibly exciting and requested aspect of the new console.” The new console possesses 12GB of graphic memory. The increase in memory will allow individuals to take part in a more extensive gaming experience, with bigger worlds and great new challenges and experiences.         Techreader writers Emma Boyle, Jon Porter and Nick Pino comment in their article ‘Xbox One X release date, news and features,’ “Gaming graphics are now accompanied with a faster and more detailed 326 GB/sec memory.” With this increase in load times, the days of impatiently waiting and the frustration that comes with it are over.Despite the new graphics and internal hardware, the appearance of the new Xbox One X is similar to the Xbox One. The black exterior and the use of the original controller are reminiscent of the original Xbox One. It is also the same size as the original, and old games will be compatible with the new console.


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