CES features new AI applications for the home


This past week, one of the largest tech events, the Consumer Electronics Show, was held in Las Vegas.

During this gathering, many of the biggest names in the tech industry displayed their developments in various fields, such as in artificial intelligence and advancements in the modern-day car.

The new and upcoming exponential growth of the tech industry isn’t limited to the realm of computers; it can be found in your very own kitchen. One refrigerator is able to regulate its temperature to ensure the most ideal humidity.

The company behind it, LG Electronics, promises that this fridge is just the start of a long list of home appliances with features including advanced Wi-FI connectivity and integration with Amazon’s Alexa service.

This will allow for a multi-network system connecting all of your appliances. On top of the advancements in artificial intelligence within this industry, the use of AI has expanded throughout a large number of household gadgets, such as the hairbrush and even the toothbrush.

Both of these products monitor brushing patterns, and even adjusts itself in order to have a more efficient and better method of use.

Artificial intelligence advancements are also increasing, being applied to personal assistants similar to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. Companies like Lenovo and RnD64 unveiled voice assistants for more specific tasks than the general-application of Siri and Alexa.

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas demonstrated various advancements, specifically in artificial intelligence and in the future of common household appliances.


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