Fired Nintendo employee shouts foul


Nintendo Treehouse employee Alison Rapp was fired March 30 after her divisive battle against an online harassment campaign.

Rapp has been subjected to online harassment since last year due to her passionate feminist presence on social media.

Rapp was also under fire for the removal of the “boob slider” aspect of character customization in the game Xenoblade Chronicles X, until a later discovery proved that Rapp was not included in the mod-removal. Rapp’s harassers especially targeted her controversial academic thesis on child pornography, which Rapp had written before her employment at Nintendo.

Although Rapp gained an abundant online following, based on her strong ideals of social equality and feminism, her prominence on social media correspondingly made her a target of severe cyber abuse.

Nintendo terminated Rapp’s position a year after the harassment campaign against the employee began, claiming that the termination was due to Rapp’s undisclosed second job, which is against the corporation’s legislations.

Nintendo fully denies any misogynistic or harassment-related reasoning for Rapp’s termination. However, according to Rapp’s twitter, Nintendo commented that Rapp was ”No longer a good, safe representative of Nintendo.”

Nintendo is currently being reprimanded by the IGDA (International Game Developers Association), which handles game industry situations such as this. The IGDA claims that Nintendo could have better handled Rapp’s situation and eventual termination.


  1. Might interest you to know it’s recently come out that her second job was that of ‘escort’. Certainly does not excuse the harassment in any way, but Nintendo where quite justified in the termination, and it should be noted they kept quiet about the nature of the job because they the reprisal she would face, it is actually a case of good guy Nintendo. Lot of people eating crow about now.

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