Student explains the Juul’s rise in popularity among college students


Electric cigarettes (vapes) are a better substitute than smoking cigarettes. A habitual cigarette smoker has a greater chance to experience negative health effects such as cancers, aging, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, etc. compared to an electric cigarette smoker. According to the results of a study by the Public Health England, vapes are 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. Vape ‘juice’ or the inhaled vapor is mostly nicotine and chemical flavoring. The variety of chemical flavors one 18 or older can purchase is another benefit of the vaporizer. Additionally, smoking a vape is much more convenient for the user than smoking a cigarette. For instance, one can vape indoors and not have to worry about setting off a fire alarm. Since the scent of the vape smoke dissipates after the user exhales, there are no issues with lingering smells on fabrics. Instead of having to find a lighter or match to ‘light up,’ one simply inhales through the mouthpiece. Vapes popularity is driven by young people not wanting to go outside to smoke. Although it is illegal and against school policy to vape indoors, those rules are neglected because it’s nearly impossible to enforce. Ripping a few puffs from a vape is better hygienically than smoking a cigarette. Vaping doesn’t cause the user to have bad breathe or yellow teeth like the cigarette smoke. Therefore, the vape is an attractive substitute for cigarette smokers who constantly brush their teeth or rinse their mouth. The Juul vaporizer has soared in popularity in recent time among students at Union College. While there are many different electric cigarettes on the market, the Juul is the preferred choice. There are multiple reasons for why the trend of Juul users will continue to grow. The Juul is a small, rectangular device that requires just one hour of USB charging. The devise is meant to last more than a year; with each purchase comes a one-year warranty. The nicotine juice comes in different flavor pods that are swapped when they run out. The flavors available are mango, Virginia tobacco, cool mint, fruit medley and crème brulee. The price of the Juul is $40 and a four pack of Juulpods is $20 (one pack of cigarettes has as much nicotine as one pod). It is wise investments for a cigarette smoker to buy a Juul not only for the reduced future health costs but also savings begin after 5 packs of cigarettes. A pack of cigarettes in Schenectady costs about $10 or twice the amount of a Juulpod. Additionally, the age to buy all cigarettes products in Schenectady is 21 including nicotine juices. Therefore, younger students may ask upper classmen to order a Juul or pods for them. Also, students under 21 may buy the Juul at home where the age is 18. The important question researchers and lawmakers need to know is whether the Juul serves as a catalyst for tobacco smokers to quit or acts as a gateway for people to get hooked on smoking cigarettes. If in the future, the tobacco industry were so small because most users switched to vapes, how would the dialogue change? Juul ownership is increasing and more students are at risk for developing nicotine addictions. Is the acceptance that cigarettes are so bad, that as a society, we permit rampant nicotine addictions? Should the government intervene if the health effects of vapes turn out to be miniscule? For now, Juuls are the hot trend across Union’s campus because of their convenience, limited health effects and cheap price.


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