Female athletes vocalize unfair implications of scavenger hunt generalizations


Dear Union College campus community,

We would like to speak for the female athletes that were offended by statements made by administration, referred to in the original Concordiensis article “Profane scavenger hunt unearthed in athletics.” It is incredibly unfair to simply address the entirety of the female athletic community on campus because it isn’t entirely accurate. Some male members of sports teams were also part of the initial list that the Google document was shared with, while only a few members of one women’s sports team on campus were part of the list. It is also important to understand that some members of this campus outside of the athletic community were also a part of that list that the Google doc was initially shared with. Placing all blame on women’s athletics isn’t appropriate or factual. This inaccurate portrayal of the list’s origin may have come about due to a lack of knowledge or misinformation, but male athletes were also involved. The original article generalized the entirety of women’s athletics, shed an unfair and incriminating light on all female sports teams and failed to acknowledge the reality of the situation. In our minds, there were two possible approaches to this incident. Either the entire athletic community, men and women, is equally blamed for allowing this to happen, or the teams and class years of the individuals who created and participated in this are clarified so as to absolve anyone else of blame. Statements from the administration cited within the Concordiensis article were frustrating for multiple reasons. In a sweeping statement, it placed uneven blame on all female sports at Union for the creation of the scavenger hunt. The lack of specificity is problematic for current and past members of the Union community. Alumni of the school have reached out to their former teammates questioning whether or not it was their team. Only offering the clarification of female sports is simultaneously too specific and not specific enough. It is important to convey how upset the authors of this letter and those affected by the generalizations are regarding the vulgar and inappropriate nature of the scavenger hunt. This statement shouldn’t diminish the severity of this situation, it is solely attempting to refine and improve the campus’ opinion of what occurred. Women have struggled for decades to receive equal rights within the athletic community, and when something like this happens, it’s a setback for all of us. As female athletes, we are heartbroken that through the malfeasance of a few female athletes, the perception of the entire community is negatively affected. We hope this helps to improve the relationship between the female athletic community and the administration, and look forward to improving our athletic culture on this campus to prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

Female members of the athletic community


  1. The writers of this article really do nothing but blame other groups of people in the hopes of alleviating the situation. The facts of the matter are that members, and only members of a women’s athletic team, created the “list”. Of course only those childish creators are to blame. But its just funny to see the writers of this article begin to blame males simply because the list was sent to a few of them. Nothing to see here but people pushing the blame on others…

    • If you actually read the article you would know that that is not true. Some creators of the list were also male athletes and women not on any athletic teams at all. It was completely unrelated to athletics at all.

    • Julio – I politely would like to inform you that you are wrong to say this. The reason is simple: you are not a female. And you are not specifically a female athlete of the Union College community. However, I am. I belong to the group of unfairly singled-out female athletes who did not create or condone the scavenger hunt, and I do not want to be associated with it. Saying female athletes at Union are “pushing the blame on others” is not valid when we should not have any blame put on us in the first place. Again, you are wrong on the topic of blame to say that the writers of this article blame males – acknowledging that they participated is not blaming them. Instead, many people feel strongly that it should have been mentioned in the countless articles (that reached as far as the Snapchat News feature and USA Today) that men were in fact involved in this list. There is a difference between blaming men and wanting to stop being unfairly singled out. It is upsetting to see that a stigmatized group is not allowed to express their discomfort in the situation. Reading your comment was very disappointing.

    • As a former female athlete of the college there is an obvious difference between how women’s and men’s teams are treated on this campus- the athletes know it, the coaches know it and the athletic director knows it as well.

  2. It would be nice to see some of the members of the mens ice hockey team who were involved receive similar punishment. Oh wait they won a national championship, they’re untouchable.

  3. It is rather pathetic that Union has generalized the entirety of women’s sports teams, which contains many divisions, and one specific team is by no means representative of the entire women’s athletic associations at this college.

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