Trump has been a succesful president via his ability to take action


It is extremely easy to point out the flaws of the early Trump Administration and to simply write off the first several months as failure. The first two major accomplishments our new president hoped to make were blocked by the Democrats in Congress, which gives many Americans the idea that Trump is an ineffective president thus far. That being said, although the travel bans and the attempt to repeal Obamacare were both struck down, never before this has America seen a president work so hard and so swiftly in attempting to follow through on campaign promises.

Liberals and other critics of Trump look to the aforementioned legislation struck down to immediately label the Trump White House as a failure. Congress striking down laws is a very common event, with the 112th Congress blocking 6,284 bills out of the 6,845 introduced. If the only way to judge a president’s success is based on the amounts of bills of his that are struck down, then Trump is so far no less of a failure than Obama. The American Jobs Act, the DREAM Act, and countless gun control legislation were all failed attempts at passing legislation by the Obama Administration. Obama only signed 1,227 laws into effect, less than even Jimmy Carter, a single-term president.

The presidency is the Executive Branch of the government, and does not have a main focus of passing legislation. Legislation is passed by Congress, which is generally extremely unproductive and paints the president in a poor light. The Democrats of the 115th Congress have seemingly embarked on a path of blindly blocking everything that comes out of the Trump Administration, and the Republican Party as a whole. Whether this is to attempt to destroy the Trump Administration or is retribution for the years of Congressional Republicans blocking Democratic legislation is difficult to tell.

Regardless of the reasoning, it gave President Trump no other choice than to turn to his next campaign promise: eliminating ISIS. Speak softly and carry a big stick, or in this case a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast. Seeing no further opportunities to push for healthcare or immigration reform this early into his presidency, Trump shifted to battling ISIS, a terrorist organization that for years has been growing in power (with the United States as a primary target) as the United States has not taken any serious measures to defend ourselves against it.

The MOAB was dropped in Afghanistan after a U.S. Army Special Forces officer was killed. The use of the largest non-nuclear bomb at the United States’ disposal succeeded in several ways, the first showing ISIS and other organizations in the Middle East the the United States is no longer playing around. The days of drone strikes, are over, as are the days of Facebook filters and candlelight vigils.

If one U.S. Soldier falls, we will no longer be afraid to use our military arsenal to make sure his or her death is in vain. The use of the MOAB was also successful in that it sent a clear message to Congressional Democrats that this was one way that, constitutionally speaking, Congress has very little power to stop him. President Trump is Commander in Chief of the Military and will use the military to make good on his campaign promise of eradicating ISIS. The first (less than) three months of a presidency cannot be used to properly judge a president’s success, especially a president so committed to fulfilling the promises he made during his campaign. Regardless of whether or not one agrees with the policies of our new president, one cannot fail to admit that Trump laid his cards on the table and was clear from the very beginning what he planned to do, and is now doing everything in his power to succeed.


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