Student discusses why opinions matter in today’s dynamic world


Everyone has an opinion and they have the right to share it because it’s a part of what makes them who they are. Even if a person’s opinion is not agreed with, that doesn’t make it wrong because thinking and feeling the way they do is never wrong. The world is full of people with different opinions that make them unique because no one is exactly the same. That’s the beauty of the world, people are diverse, they differ and that makes life interesting. If everyone had the same opinion how would the world develop and advance? Opinions hold power that allow people to make a difference in the world, depending how they use it. If used correctly the world could end up being a superior and more preferable place to live in.

Also if people had the same opinion things would get repetitive because everyone agrees with one another and there’s nothing new to discuss. People wouldn’t be able to share their ideas and nothing would improve because other people don’t have any other ideas to contribute. Opinions aren’t right and wrong, they’re a sense of how a person views things and they have every right to think the way they do because it’s what makes them human. Telling someone their opinion is wrong is like telling someone their hair is black when it’s actually brown. People interpret things differently, but that doesn’t mean that they were wrong; it just means they see things differently.

To treat someone negatively because you don’t agree with their opinion is what is truly fallacious because everyone is entitled to an opinion. Someone may say the sky is red and another may say it’s blue. It’s true that the sky is blue but it’s possible that the person who said it’s red may be colorblind. There’s plenty of possibilities for why things may seem one way for someone and another for a different person.

There is endless opinions out there that all have evidence to back up their logic. People just need to give everyone a chance to share their opinion before jumping the gun and understand their reasons for their feelings. It’s hard to accept another person’s opinion when your opinion is the complete opposite and you’re too stubborn to figure out a way to compromise. Moments in life like that are difficult to overcome but with time and patience you can learn to figure out a solution.

Opinions makeup a part of a person’s personality because they show who a person is when they decide how they feel. So by accepting their opinion for what it is, no matter how much you want to disagree, you accept it because you accept them for who they are. Opinions are essential in making your way through life as you decide when and where you’ll share it. The most important part of expressing your opinion is using it wisely to help others because, even though you don’t have super powerful gifts, you can still be a hero.


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