President Donald Trump continues to break promises as Commander-in-Chief


It was a tough week to be a Trump supporter. President Donald Trump continued to break policy promises made during the long-drawn out campaign. The first policy maneuver came when Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, met at Trump owned hotel, Mar-a-Lago. Throughout the campaign Trump promised he was going to get tough on China for being a currency manipulator. Instead the two leaders enjoyed a chocolate cake and discussed best practices in dealing with North Korea. President Trump’s first blunder took shape immediately after he was sworn in.

He failed to “drain the swamp” and successfully appointed his cabinet filled with people tied to special interests. For instance, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has donated millions in the past to political campaigns of Senators who voted to appoint her. Again Trump contradicted himself by appointing hedge fund manager and former Goldman Sachs executive, Steve Mnuchin to be Secretary of Treasury. Finally, Trump tapped former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State.

Donald Trump told his supporters that he was different from the Clintons because they were crooked and dishonest. In a not-so-shocking move, the top of the legislative agenda was healthcare reform. Trump argued that he would solve the “disastrous Obamacare” by passing the “greatest healthcare system.” Unfortunately, Americans still don’t have the best healthcare bill because the American Healthcare Act died in Congress.

Trump tried to save face by contradicting his simplification of the healthcare industry by revealing to what many Americans already knew, “who knew it could be so complicated.” The big news this week was two controversial air strikes, one in Syria targeting one of Assad’s air bases and the other against ISIS in Afghanistan. The Syria attack should’ve required a vote from congress to approve the funding for the war. However, since Donald Trump doesn’t have the patience or ability to unify Republicans, the approval for war would’ve come up short.

Again President Trump, the man who promised his voters everything and the moon would’ve been seen as incompetent and unprepared for the job. If President Trump fails again like the healthcare reform bill, his enthusiastic voters will perceive him as the same old D.C. politician. After dropping a bomb in Syria against Assad in response to chemical attacks, (still unclear who is responsible for chemical attacks) the Trump administration had a chance to rally the American people towards an enemy.

In times of War, American Presidential approval ratings tend to receive a small increase. However, according to public opinion polls, Trump didn’t receive a boost in his approval rating which sits at 41%. Press Secretary Sean Spicer didn’t do President Trump any favors by his miserable performance last Thursday. He was unable to correctly pronounce the name of Syria’s leader and compared him to Hitler. Secretary Spicer lost all credibility when he referred to Concentration Camps as “Holocaust centers.” Spicer had two goals during his press conference with the media, sell the war to the American people and/or distract them from Trump’s FBI investigations.

Since he failed to correctly name the ‘American enemy,’ his next move was to distract the American people from the attacks made in Syria. The following morning, Donald Trump turned on his T.V. to see the anger for removal of his guy Sean Spicer. The insecure President needed to prove to his voters and the global community that he was serious. In a vengeance, he ordered the biggest bomb short of a nuclear explosion on ISIS in Afghanistan. Trump is neglecting his promises made to his base during the campaign. Whenever his administration is criticized he moves swiftly to prove the opposite. Additionally, President Trump will continue to deceive the public from his inadequacies. These actions are no surprise considering everyone including Marla Maples and Trump University students knew the leading Republican candidate for President was a conman.


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