Trump’s wall will help control the US illegal immigration crisis


The “Wall,” as it is commonly known, occupies a puzzling corner in the mind of American politics.

The subject arises frequently in political conversations, but almost always people do not see eye-to-eye as to what it is, what it should accomplish and whether it is worth constructing.

Trump, throughout his campaign and into the present, has advocated for the construction of the wall along the southern border.

Not only has he been unequivocal in asserting that his administration will complete a full-scale, full-enforcement wall, but he has also claimed that “Mexico will pay for it.”

Whoever pays for it, the effectiveness of such a wall for suppressing illegal immigration and criminal smugglingcannot be denied.

A stream of disingenuous disinformation permeates liberal thought bubbles regarding the Wall.

Anti-wall activists want to pretend that it is impossible, despite the incredible level of modern technology, to build a functional wall along a border.

What America lacks is not the legal, fiscal or technical ability to construct a smart fence capable of stemming the flow of illegal immigrants and contraband.

The only thing missing is the political will.

Trump is providing that political will in office.

Several examples of successful border walls exist.

Countries in central Europe have constructed border walls to keep out “refugees” during the migrant crisis.

According to the Daily Caller, all walls had a significant effect on decreasing the number of illegal crossings.

Hungary constructed a border fence in October 2016.

Within one day of completion, illegal crossings fell from over 6,500 to 870.

For the rest of the month, crossings remained around only 40 per day and remained in the low hundreds even after migrants broke part of the fence.

Israel similarly had built an effective wall along Israel’s southern border.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently tweeted, “President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.”

Unbeknownst to many people, several hundred miles of fencing already exist on the U.S.-Mexico border; however, the wall is not continuous and only stretches through certain regions and cities along the border.

Migrants exploit these gaps in the wall.

While the “Wall” Trump is proposing would help America fight illegal immigration, the major obstacle faced by our justice system is the enforcement behind the wall.

Our current arrangements are not equipped to deal with the current level of illegal immigration.

In many cases, being caught by the border patrol does not stop an immigrant from entering the United States because they simply do not show up to the deportation hearing and continue to live here illegally.

Drug cartels often tell groups of migrants to surrender to the first border patrol agent they see.

This is because they know that the migrants will have to be processed, thus jamming up the border patrol’s resources and allowing the cartel to smuggle with impunity.

Even worse, many states, especially California, have enacted protective laws and welfare programs that impair the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration law and encourage more illegal immigration.

Sanctuary cities are a prime example of these unconstitutional actions.

The entire U.S. system of immigration is in grave need of reform.

The wall is only a part of a plan that will bring that system back in the control of the American people.

Whatever system is enacted, it must place the interest of U.S. citizens first and be efficient enough to facilitate the effective enforcement of American laws.

Trump’s credibility to the people that elected him rests on the fulfillment of this goal.


  1. It should be noted for readers that the “Daily Caller” is a strongly conservative news site and has had some “code of ethics” problems in the past.

  2. It should also be noted that every democratic news site (which is almost all of them, including this paper) is awash with lies.

    Also our friend andy claims “White. Heterosexual. Males. We should not feel guilty for who we are.” But he then goes on to try and guilt us into fighting for social justice….. Justice needs no modifier.

    Also “Coming to terms with an identity is something that people struggle with for years, even lifetimes. I still struggle coming to terms with my own identity.” The answer is simple. Take out your wallet, look at your ID and bam you have found your identity. The world would be so much better off if people simply did that as opposed to “finding” their identity through division of race and culture.

  3. Unfortunately, there is a misunderstanding of my opinions piece from a few weeks earlier and from having conversations on race and studying it as part of my major, many people struggle with understanding who they are and how that impacts their experience. I have a regular Union email and would enjoy discussing this with you in person, rather than online.

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