Democratic party to blame for the current political instability in the US


The first two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have already proven to be one of the most controversial times in our nation’s history.

The Doomsday Clock has now been set from three minutes to midnight to two and a half minutes, signifying the dramatic increase in predictions of an imminent nuclear war.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, those responsible for running the Doomsday Clock, have cited the recent actions of President Donald Trump as the main cause of concern.

This is almost entirely due to President Trump’s extreme use of executive power, which, since his inauguration, includes the reinstatement of the Mexico City policy, fully constructing the Dakota Access pipeline and Keystone XL pipeline and starting the first phase of building a wall on the border of Mexico.

However, his most shocking policy was his recent executive order, barring all citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries entry into the United States.

These countries include Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen and comprise over 218 million people.

The ban is also enforced on individuals who have dual citizenship, student visas, work visas and green cards.

Union has already addressed the issue sending an email on Jan. 29 to campus stating, “We will do all that we can within the law to support and protect the members of our community affected by these actions.”

Trump’s actions are no doubt a sign of a more unstable and insecure democracy in the United States.

The fact that many of Trump’s cabinet positions are filled with completely unqualified members with little to no experience in their assigned areas of the law shows how much of a downturn the political body of our country as a whole has taken.

However, at the same time what’s important to realize is that everything that President Trump is doing right now is exactly what he planned on doing during his campaign.

Despite the fact that many of his Republican colleagues ridiculed his ideas, including Vice President Mike Pence, President Trump was persistent in maintaining his views on banning Muslims, building a wall and in general isolating our country economically and politically from the rest of the world for our own interest throughout his entire campaign.

The fact of the matter is millions of Americans identified with Trump and his proposed ideas and mobilized in a conservative movement never seen since Reagan to elect him as president.

Asserting that the reason Trump got elected was from “fake news” and Russians “hacking the election” is ridiculous.

Fake news is a completely relative term that is often used to discredit news someone doesn’t like. There is also very little proof of Russian state intervention in the election in relation to the Wikileaks hack that exposed unethical practices of the Democratic Party.

Not putting any of the blame on the Democratic Party for where our country is now would be completely ignorant.

Clearly there was very little success for the party during the last election, which was almost entirely due to the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

The fact that the Democratic Party chose someone who voted for the Iraq War, the 2001 Patriot Act, bailing out Wall Street in 2008, NDAA legislation and intervening in Syria which all had a significantly negative impact on our country is the reason why Democrats lost in 2016.

The fact that Democrats did not nominate Senator Bernie Sanders who voted against all the policies listed above and clearly had a much better ability to mobilize a much more diverse voting body is a stab in the back to all liberals. Sanders’ voter outreach in the rust belt states where Hillary had huge loses, and his campaign funding from hardworking Americans instead of huge conglomerates would have greatly benefited the Democratic party.

Regardless of your position, it is completely understandable why Americans felt isolated from Clinton.

Clearly something is wrong when Clinton receives less support from voters such as women, African-Americans and Hispanics in the election than previously estimated, despite the fact that she outspent Trump by over $380 million in campaigning.

To counter the authoritarian-like regime currently in place it is up to the Democrats to choose a candidate who appeals to all demographics and types of people rather than just a certain focused set.

The goal should be to win and what that entails is being realistic and creating a focused, laser-sharp message rather than a scattered one that unsuccessfully attempts to address all issues and ideas at once.

The candidate should not have ties to neo-liberalism and the American establishment, which has collectively hurt the trust of the vast majority of Americans.

If this is not done it is very likely that we will see more Trump executive orders for the next eight years.


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