Theft on campus requires additional safety measures by Campus Safety to stop it


In the past couple of weeks, there have been more reports of theft on campus than I have heard of in my entire time at Union College.

There have been wallets stolen out of locked cars in campus parking lots and even a laptop stolen from a room in Potter House.

Reports of theft from rooms are scarily common, and it leaves me wondering what types of measures we can take to combat this theft.

An obvious answer would be to lock our rooms in whatever building we live in on campus, but this does not seem to be sufficient in stopping the crimes.

The buildings are naturally locked to anyone without an ID to get into, yet there are often reports of outsiders gaining access to buildings on campus where they do not have IDs that allow them inside.

Even if doors are locked inside the building, there is always a chance that someone could forget, or leave it unlocked thinking a roommate would be back soon, and it seems that these exceptional circumstances should be taken into account by the college.

Locks and ID requirements are not sufficient; thieves are still finding a way around these combatants.

In addition, the cars in parking lots on campus, most of which are constantly locked, are incredibly vulnerable.

Locks on cars are not stopping theft, and this is incredibly frightening as a students.

Of course, we are all wisely advised not to leave valuables in cars, but I would hope someone who accidentally leaves his or her wallet in the backseat of a locked car would not be punished by an act of theft. There needs to be an additional measure, perhaps something with Campus Safety, although I know they try their best to address these actions, which can combat the vulnerability of students’ cars and rooms.

Since most of the incidents seem to reportedly happen quite late at night when there are presumably fewer people around to see, I think that a Campus Safety officer patrolling and watching parking lots at night for suspicious activity could prove quite helpful.

While I agree that we should all take every precaution necessary to keep ourselves safe from theft, I also believe that there could be some type of other measure put in place to help if these precautions fail.


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