New library security measures are not effective in preventing outsider theft


Upon returning back to campus after a six-week long winter break, Union students were greeted with many changes to different aspects of campus life.

Changes have occurred in Dutch Hollow and O3, with many of O3’s previously free salad toppings now warranting a two dollar extra charge.

On top of the routine dining service changes, Union also implemented a security measure in Schaffer Library.

Now, students are required to use key-card access in order to enter the library past 6 p.m.

Previously, key-card access was only required after 10 p.m., so it seems that this new decision reflects an increase in security on Union’s part.

Upon hearing about this change, I immediately and selfishly saw it as somewhat of an inconvenience.

I often lose, misplace or forget my ID card, and this measure locks me out of the library after dinner if I do not have my ID on me.

Of course, it is not difficult to walk into the library with a friend who has an ID, or to ask someone to let me in at the door, but this simply provides an extra hurdle for forgetful Union students trying to study after 6 p.m.

I do, however, realize that there has to be a reason that the college decided to take this precaution, and having this realization was a little frightening.

Has there been some sort of dangerous situation in the past in which an outside person entered the library?

Because Union, hopefully, does not wish to unnecessarily burden its students, I have to believe that the risk associated with allowing people inside the library past 6 p.m. without ID’s simply became too high to allow.

If this is the case, it seems that simply requiring ID access is not enough of a deterrent.

Union is an open campus, and there are often people not associated with the college in any way walking around campus.

The library is full of students at every point in the day, and students are usually using expensive technology such as laptops and iPads to study.

There are thefts in the library, with students having their technology swiped right out from underneath them, and these thefts seem to be the impetus behind Union’s new policy.

Although this is not to say that Union students cannot also commit some of the theft, it seems that the threat of non-students attempting to acquire students’ expensive belongings is the overwhelming threat.

If the best combatant Union can present for outsider theft is ID requirement after 6 p.m., it seems that perhaps the college is not fighting the issue with as much effort as necessary.

Quite easily, theft by outside parties could happen before 6:00, when no key-card access is required, and Union has seemingly declared this possibility non-important.

Additionally, as I stated before, it is not difficult to wait by the door for someone with an ID to leave or enter the library.

If someone not associated with the college wished to enter past 6 p.m. and had the smallest ounce of patience, he or she could easily gain access.

This measure seems to have a good cause in mind, but it is fairly useless in actually fighting the problem.

In the end, requiring key-access only adds an inconvenience to many Union students and serves as an ineffective deterrent to outside parties wishing to enter.


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