Americans need to be more empathetic towards the struggles of minority groups


Happy New Year! Already, a number of you have given up on your “New Year’s Resolution,” and if you haven’t yet, then don’t worry! You will soon.

Whether it is the makers of the Constitution, the idea of American freedom, how America conducted itself during the presidential election or promises we make to ourselves, America can outdo itself time and time again in regards to hypocrisy.

Instead of merely pointing out the many flaws in American society, I will also be discussing how we can all combat these flaws and hopefully develop a “better” America.

Let’s face it: illegal immigrants have been the scapegoat for essentially all of America’s problems, especially when it comes to unemployment.

America was literally founded by illegal immigrants (the pilgrims), and the hypocrisy behind blaming illegal immigrants is so obvious it pains me to talk about it.

Instead of blaming immigrants for crime rates, can’t we all do a simple Google search and realize that 7.5 percent of the entire illegal immigrant population are considered “removable criminal aliens?”

Furthermore, if all illegal immigrants were to be deported, it would cost the country $400 billion to $600 billion and hurt our economy by $1 trillion, since it would damage the industries that depend on their labor.

I agree that immigrants should follow the legal steps that have been put in place to enter into America, but what people don’t understand is that exterior forces innately cause immigrants to seek refuge.

America should not shun immigrants and refugees, but should instead be proud of the fact that America is seen as a sanctuary in this crazy world we live in.

America’s past was based on people inhabiting lands that were not their own, so why is it that we shun those who do the same?

One issue I want to bring up is the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

Can someone please explain to me why this is a controversial statement?

Black. Lives. Matter. Not, “Black lives are superior,” or “Black people are pure and others are not,” but that they simply matter. MATTER.

That black lives are of some importance and significance.

America spends billions in healthcare and on the military to protect people’s lives because of the value we put into a human life.

However, non-Black Americans will feel comfortable if we hide America’s atrocities and look down on other countries’ transgressions.

The deaths of Tamir Rice and Michael Brown do not just point out the racial bias black people face from police officers, but the injustices minorities face in all aspects of life.

We invest so much into caring for people’s lives, but why can’t we invest in more effective police training or programs lead by the government that can break down the distrust between law enforcement and minorities?

Unfortunately, these ideas are strongly opposed by white males in America.

Listen, white-male-who-lives-in-Connecticut-and-possibly-owns-a-beachhouse, you don’t have to deal with the problems many other Americans face, so instead of judging people, how about merely acknowledging the struggles other Americans face?

Please realize that a person in your position can actually help resolve the social injustices fellow Americans face, and by doing that, all of society will be better off.

I hope you do not think I am portraying white people as rich devils, but I am instead pointing out that people who are born in a better social and financial position should use their resources for the betterment of the community, and to also become a worldly person.

Everyone needs to get out of their bubbles and realize the message Black Lives Matter is trying to convey, but to also realize how diverse we are as a nation and take pride in that instead of marginalizing multiple ethnic groups and causing a rift in America.

Trump’s victory was inadvertently caused by those who were against him all along.

In any form of opposition, especially when it comes to politics and religion, this world cannot simply agree to disagree. We are either best friends or the worst enemies, but the most important way to connect with people is to be in between.

It’s hypocritical to say that Trump supporters were violent, because you’ll be lying to yourself if you say that Hillary supporters are pacifists, and let’s just say that many Hillary supporters do not have the poise President Obama has in this disturbing transition.

In society, we run away to safe spaces or retaliate if we find someone who does not completely agree with you.

In doing so, the populations who were punished by society because of their different views ended up supporting a presidential candidate who pretended to represent these neglected populations.

I too have a hard time ignoring my initial reactions when I find out a friend or acquaintance is a Trump supporter, but I need to realize that there is a massive difference between confronting someone about politics and discussing politics.

Through Trump’s year-long performance, he was easily able to gather votes because he took advantage of the way we treat our fellow man.

I have covered a flurry of topics so far, and each topic indeed only scratches the surface.

However, the last disturbing thing I’ve noticed in society is vast amount of people who have more bark than bite.

Posting on Facebook is not going to solve the problem you may be addressing, but going to a rally, speaking up in your social circles, or going to Union’s Social Justice Retreat will make a difference.

We need to be more productive and start acting on our words.


  1. Its funny how you mention hypocrisy a few times in your little rant of an article. Especially the part where you make an absurd racial judgement consisting of “Listen, white-male-who-lives-in-Connecticut-and-possibly-owns-a-beachhouse” and then one sentence later you preach not to judge people….. what? You judged every white guy in the country…. wake up you hypocrite.

    • Actually, I think Anat was referring to the Union population. Not a racial judgement at all. Union is predominantly white and wealthy. Also, Union students as a whole shy away from things that don’t have anything to do with them. It was a fair assessment in my opinion.

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