Americans must come together in present times of uncertainty


With the recent tumultuous shift in the country’s direction and tone, the general sense for America is that of an escaped dementia ward patient trying to find their way home in the rain.

Back to a long gone home that once existed in 1965 to neighbors who are long gone, friends and family who are now just as confused or dead.

Escaped, stumbling along, stating in serious steadiness, “I don’t even know who I am anymore.”

As for “the Dream,” the simple white picket fence has been traded in for the wall of financial stability.

The security gained is similar, but the means to achieve it have changed from that of the tricky Huck Finn to a greedy game of imaginary upward mobility.

But is there a difference in the sham?

With the appointment of a man who embodies these perimeter driven values, it is time to consider what these fences and walls have gained us through division.

Consider this: through division, nothing can be gained unless inverted.

Our generation has not had any choice in the matter of building fences or walls, but it is clear to anyone who sees the real score that we are governed by the fringes.

This is not to discount the comfort of living within boundaries.

When our society is closed and bounded with no holes, there is a point of certainty, which can be found in a continuous life.

In these walls, it is best to take any security that can be built in such a technically infused science fiction reality.

There is no confidence in opinion in this collective social world of bureaucratic back room control.

There is no strong reason to go against the grain and to speak your own measure of truth in this current time without disregard for making mistakes.

This confidence without consideration has also led to Orange Leadership.

Feeling good comes in quick bursts; action now comes in collective compulsion.

It takes careful and open consideration of ideas to make these barriers come down, and the motives to take down walls are not driven by the comfort of them.

So as long as the masturbation of self-appreciation through aimless social, economic, and entertaining means continues, we may as well be lost dementia patients.

Make way for headlines in meme news and obituaries on Facebook comments.

A cheap Tennessee con man may be the next boss controlling your life, but there is nothing to do except to not get fired.

Is impending doom the best feeling that can be mustered in these uncertain times?

In the words of the latest American Nobel Prize winner Bobby D., “The carpet too, is moving under you, and it’s all over now Baby Blue.”

In the words of another American truth whistler Kurt Vonnegut, “Bob Dylan is the worst poet alive.”

Know that the carpet is moving, but there are still legs to stand on and adjust. Get out of bed. Pick your side, but don’t build walls. And dance if there’s still music playing.


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