Political Faceoff: Victory


Donald Trump has won and the country is in a state of shock. Perhaps you woke up on election day, sipped some coffee, saw some news from the usual sites reassuring you he never had a chance, and were comforted that THAT guy would never be president. Well, now things have changed.

This is the biggest shock in American politics for years. So, if you’re still confused about why Trump was elected our president, let me attempt to make it all manageable.

Trump could be described as a blunt instrument for the kind of political change that many Americans want.

Whether or not he will be effective remains to be seen. While some people are drawn to Trump’s authentic, if not obnoxious, personality, he rose above seventeen other well-known Republicans because he was willing to most openly oppose the authoritarian leftist agenda that has become the platform of the Democrat Party under Obama’s tenure.

While many Americans supported Trump for his platforms, most who voted for him probably did so to oppose the Clinton machine. Trump has become a leader and symbol in the struggle against political correctness in America.

He was, at least at first, the only candidate willing to stand up to the authoritarian censorship created by Democrats and enforced by the media. The media and political class libel anyone who proposes solutions to issues like illegal immigration by calling them racists, bigots, etc. This is how they silence the views of concerned Americans.

Trump was not daunted by their threats, and his followers loved that he was the only Republican willing to expose the dishonesty in Washington DC. Thus, every derogatory name Trump received from the left by the politicians and the media was a credit to him among his followers.

These are the real reasons Trump won. Americans see a wide-open southern border where drugs and people are smuggled endlessly, a corrupt political class only concerned with enriching itself, radicals who attack police officers and soldiers, a country divided by race thanks to demagogues, public defamation of America by teachers and politicians, political correctness and a culture of victimization.

They see an economy which favors crony corporations and makes legitimate business impossible, the loss of American competitiveness, a legal system that ruins businesses and people for their principles, a welfare state and culture which discourages hard work and produces entitlement, an environmental elite promoting primitivism from private jets, and the genocide of unborn children.

They see a feckless foreign policy which has strengthened America’s enemies and insulted her allies, the growth of terrorism at home and abroad, murder of friends and family by evil zealots tolerated and emboldened by the government, American soldiers’ lives wasted by a reckless withdrawal from the middle east, an ambassador and his guards left for dead in Benghazi for a political narrative, a deceitful and corrupt family running for the highest office, and bald-faced lying to the American people.

They see an assault on every individual liberty from free speech to self-defense to due process, constant and unchallenged violations of the Constitution by the executive branch, incessant attacks religious beliefs and freedoms, and the danger of judicial tyranny.

Trump’s personality didn’t matter when this much was on the line for them because, most of all,

they see an aggressive decline in the ideals of liberty and progress that made America the greatest nation on earth.


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